Newlands Corner & Silent Pool

Nestled in the heart of the Surrey Hills AONB, these popular reserves offer sensational views of the surrounding countryside.
Newlands Corner and Silent Pool are at the heart of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
Newlands Corner is a popular reserve with superb views of the surrounding countryside. There are 103 hectares (255 acres) of open chalk downland and peaceful woodlands to explore. The woodlands here are mixed, with some deciduous trees like oak and birch, plus evergreen yew. Some of the yew trees are hundreds of years old. The woods shelter roe deer and are home to green woodpeckers, nuthatches and tawny owls.
Newlands Corner lies on the chalk ridge of the North Downs at a height of over 170m (500ft). The Downs command fine views across the Weald to the ridge of the South Downs. Below the slope from Newlands car park lies the village of Albury.
In spring and summer, the chalk grassland is a spectacular carpet of wild flowers. In the past the grasslands were grazed, and nowadays they are mown once a year after the plants have set seed. This keeps the grassland open and stops scrubby plants invading.
About 2 miles to the east lies the Silent Pool, in a shady hollow surrounded by box trees. It was probably an ancient quarry which was filled by the water from scarp slope springs in the chalk downs.
Legend has it that the daughter of a woodman drowned in the pool whilst escaping the seductive advances of King John. In the 19th century it was a popular attraction, and still retains a certain eerie charm today.
These reserves are privately owned by the Albury Estate. Surrey Wildlife Trust manages the area under an access agreement between the Albury Estate and Surrey County Council.

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